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Improving Performance by Breaking Down Organizational Silos Understanding Organizational and 
Communication Barriers,
From a silo mentality to integrated story

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Understanding the true value proposition and industry landscape starts with the right data and a clear dream. Identification of the key metrics is vital.  

The question should be more than, "what have we done well and where are we growing revenu?" The company should be asking "What do we wish we were doing?" and "How do we get from here to there.?"  "What research is needed?" " How do we analyze what hasn't ever been done?"  And, most importantly, "What type of work energizes our team?" 

Researching the partnerships, certifications, and political landscape of the full industry environment for Microland delivered keen insights to untapped company potential.  And missed the clear opportunities to elevate the goodwill value while unlocking new markets.  

Go old school. Dream Big!  Start with the dream and mine data from there.  A flood of information came from picking up the phone and asking dream clients for informational interviews.  It changed the relationship with future partners.  Instead of trying to outsell the competition,which diminishes profit margins,  Microland innovated new pathways by listening to the current frustration of dream clients and mapping solutions to their current talents. 



Own your narrative!  Do not let outside forces determine your ability and offerings through their selective editing of your story line. 

Microland benefited from engaging across silos to develop a mutual story of the power behind the people and the hope they had for the future.  Enormous opportunities for growth were discovered by reexamining the story and finding a way to the same page.

The story line drives the whole enterprise from brand identity and core values to a sense of meaning for all team members. It educates a wider public with the company vision and reveals the potential of a mutual epic journey. 



Markets open when will meets wonder



 Leverage A Framework And Common Language

Minimal Co-operation between Areas, Silos are Long Lasting

Each division is focused on its own primary objectives Divisions do not communicate sufficiently or effectively because of the factors that feed into silo formation Divisions do not co-operate with each other because they are uninformed The lack of co-operation breeds resentment and a reciprocal lack of giving Division members feel isolated from other divisions and focus work effort within their own division Each division focuses on it’s own primary objectives

The level of employee buy-in to the process is a factor that either enhances the success of an intervention or undermines it. Solutions need to stand up to employee evaluation prior to being adopted. 

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