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Bluview Creative inspired the transformation of locally grown businesses that changed the landscape of event planning.  Locally Grown Weddings, celebrated the unique creative talent of women who spearheaded environmental consciousness as a core value to business approach.

The mission, vision, and heart of Locally Grown Weddings made a lasting impression on the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a beautiful marriage of fierce skill and life long bonding moments that moved an entire industry toward social responsibility.

Art director looking at storyboard


9 spirited, strong willed, entrepreneurial women

55 billion dollar market

2 dozen certifications

1 electrifying, head turning idea


Bluview Creative sculpted a vision to unify 9 unique business owners focused on changing the morals of an industry. 

With different business models often competing with one another, crafting a visionary narrative gave birth to an innovative eco-friendly business collective. That focus involved strategic market introductions while developing organizational structures to manage the relationships between the new venture and existing businesses.

The collective needed a clean, clearly communicated, concise brand that captured the creativity of the different women it represented but sent one enticing message.  By redirecting the collective’s business strategy, brand positioning, and market identity toward compelling value propositions, strategic revenue grew and the local event planning culture changed.

Bluview positioned LGW as the expert in sustainable certification development, hosting conference conversations about adopting eco-friendly practices without compromising aesthetics and handing out business cards that grow herb gardens.

Photographing proofs and inspirations


Yes it takes extra time to educate the clientele, a resolve to stick to the mission, and a passion that is greater than the expense to the bottom line. The success feels so darn good.

Art director looking at storyboard


Locally Grown Weddings showcased the beauty, the fresh cohesive aesthetic, and the eye for intimate detail that only this collective talent could offer.  Their success influenced the larger Bay Area Event industry towards zero-waste events, sourcing locally, and making richer longer lasting memories.

Locally Grown Weddings never sacrificed the perfect day for perfect principles. Instead they infused impactful meaning in every event.

The result, even the cake was guilt-free.

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