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Brewhounds board a BREWVANA bus to any of eight charming neighborhoods for a hoppy Portland pub-crawl.

bluView and BREWVANA took a short bus and drove big ideas for growth strategy, systems development, and operational design. The destination allowed a determined entrepreneur to create an international community and lasting memories for all those that HOP on the bus!!

Art director looking at storyboard


Bluview redefined the target market through data collection and analyzation. The conceptualization of new products and services while hard editing old product lines realigned the offer portfolio with Brewvana’s brand.  By expanding the types of tours offered, extensive profit growth emerged without demanding large capital asset investments.

A new untapped market created a successful avenue for expansion and new value propositions.

Creative people brainstorming in meeting


 bluView used customer centered design to evaluate the way customers interacted with BREWVANA’s technology for booking tours and ordering merchandise. Using an empathy based approach, bluView tested usability, reworked booking software, created data management and collection systems, and developed new team tools aimed to increase workflow efficiency and user-friendliness. 

Photographing proofs and inspirations


Every internal system was reassessed with the focus to build a systematic framework that would scale, from basic costing analysis and vendor relationships to sales strategies and culture building.

A tech-forward methodology was applied to the construction of an agile framework. The new tactical systems implemented included new budgeting negotiations, monitoring customer interaction patterns, funding booking and account management software overhauls, prototyping new product launches, and coordinating a social networking calendar.

The BREWVANA team got on-board; empowered, motivated, and ready to accelerate the culture change!!

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