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BluView believes that empathy leads

strategy & creative design.

For two decades bluview creative has taken calculated risks, brainstormed new ideas, and allowed room for the process of trial and error.  Something brilliant and, often surprising, always emerges.  It takes the curation of deeply talented teams to fuel the engine and decisive editing to carve the genius out of the chaos.

Through hands on experimentation and prototyping, an environment for uncensored exploration evolves.

The products & services should tempt our senses. 

The process should be hysterical. 

 Everyone will feel ownership in the outcome.  



Deborah Jutz is an authority of beauty, elegant solutions, and empathetic leadership . She helps the best ideas gain traction by telling beautiful and compelling stories complemented with effective business strategies that deliver profitable results.

As a business strategist, she surpasses client's expectations with brilliant ideation and intelligent solutions that transforms the relationship between businesses and their customers. Redefining Success: by shifting the definition of success from short term trend to long term customer loyalty, Deborah inspires more meaningful purpose-filled dialogue.  Driven by an innate passion, she is a fierce promoter of global community and culturally relevant design.

Deborah’s care for her work and the people who collaborate with her makes a difference in the quality of her product. As a creative director she allows her skills, competence, emotional intelligence and insatiable curiosity to guide her past the status quo.

Deborah is a visionary leader and forward thinker with a passion to advance the human experience. Her extensive work with mission driven business and social innovation leads to a natural approach to strategy, design and branding from a place of compassionate business.

Image by Brooke Lark
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